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At Houmb AS, we are your trusted partner for cutting-edge Industrial Cyber Security and Network Engineering (CSNE) specialist services.

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Industrial Cyber Security

Setting the Standard for Cyber Resilience

At Houmb AS, we understand that the foundation of industrial cybersecurity lies in compliance with international standards and the implementation of best practices.


We specialize in helping energy sector organizations adhere to critical standards such as IEC 62443, IEC 62351, NIST-800 series, and NERC CIP. These standards are the cornerstones of a robust cybersecurity strategy. We contribute to the standardization process and we integrate them seamlessly into your solutions.

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Our Approach

We ensure your organization, systems and development processes meet the stringent requirements of IEC 62443, the globally recognized standard for industrial automation and control systems security.

IEC 62443 Compliance

Our expertise in IEC 62351 ensures the secure exchange of information within your energy networks, safeguarding data integrity and confidentiality.

IEC 62351 Implementation

We follow the guidance provided by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) to fortify your systems against cyber threats.

NIST-800 Series Guidance

For organizations in the electric sector, we help you meet the stringent NERC CIP standards, ensuring the reliability and security of your critical infrastructure.

NERC CIP Compliance

Industry Best Practices

We have long and extensive experience with industry best practice. We help adopt best practices for your organization, but also for industry groups.  We always propose taking a risk based approach optimized for the resources available. We help your organization answer the following question: What is the best way to maximize your industrial security investments?

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Network Engineering

Optimizes Your Infrastructure for Peak Performance

Ensuring seamless and secure communication and data flow within your networks are crucial. We have the experience you need to build a physically and logically robust and resilient network infrastructure optimized for industrial use-cases.

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In an interconnected world, network security is not just about protecting data; it's about safeguarding the services that drive your operations. We specialize in designing secure Purdue Level 2 and Level 3 networks for your service-oriented architecture, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery while mitigating cyber risks.


In the ever-evolving landscape of energy systems, modern field networks are the backbone of seamless operations. Houmb AS specializes in designing, implementing, and optimizing networks compliant with industry standards such as IEC 61850, Profinet, and Modbus TCP. These standards enable efficient data exchange, remote monitoring, and control for your critical infrastructure.

Design & Implementation

Protecting your safety and automation systems is paramount. We help design solutions for Purdue Level 2 and 3 networks that are tailored to meet requirements of being robust, well maintained, and secure from cyber threats. We ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data, allowing you to focus on operational excellence.

Robust Systems


You did a great job with our previous complex project and we are happy you can take the lead on our next multi-year project as well. 

Large EPCI contractor

The Risk Assessments you did were really actionable. Please help us write the methodology for future projects. 

Large energy company

We heard you speak at a conference. You are one of few that makes industrial cyber security understandable and that`s why we want to work with you.

Network infrastructure provider

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Houmb AS is your trusted partner in state-of-the-art Industrial Cyber Security and Network Engineering solutions.

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